Stranger Sessions

Stranger sessions are like a blind date, set up by photographers. We get to play matchmaker! We will photograph the entire story, from start to finish.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be single, duh.
  • Must have a very outgoing personality and great sense of humor.
  • Can not be camera shy.
  • You must agree to the images ands story being shared on social media.
  • You must agree to showing affection, intimate posing, and potentially kissing this stranger on your blind date.
  • You must be willing to commit to a mutually confirmed date, time and location agreed upon by all three parties.
  • If there is even the slightest chance you will back out, please don't apply.
  • Once you've been chosen for your session, you will be contacted via email.

Please list their gender and sexuality (IE Straight female, gay male, etc)

If yes, are you social, casual, daily, etc?